Our mission and duty is to produce a healthy food product and quality seed stock in a manner that is beneficial to the natural environment and in harmony with the animal’s natural instincts. 

To accomplish this Dayspring Cattle will strive to use only natural systems while raising beef cattle.  

  1. We use rotational grazing systems that emulate the way bison did naturally. Chomp, stomp & fertilize then leave the grass to rest and regenerate.
  2. We calve in co-ordination with the natural cycles of the seasons. Calving our cow herd in May & June when grass is at its most nutritious stage.
  3. We recognize that cattle are ruminants and effectively convert forage(grass) to a healthy meat product. Raising our cattle on a grass diet without the use of grain. 
  4. We realize that cattle have a herd instinct and raise our cattle without interrupting their natural social structure. Our cattle are born and raised on our farm to give them a stress-free life.
  5. We search out genetics that will produce the type of cattle which will thrive in a more natural environment while producing a premium, healthy beef product.

*Point of Clarification: Due to the drought of summer 2015, there has been a shortage of hay in the western Canadian prairies. Dayspring cattle will feed the breeding cow herd cereal grain straw supplemented with grain and grain byproducts during the first part of the winter feeding season. We will continue to do this during the first months of the winter feeding season until supplies of hay return to more normal levels. All the rest of our steers, bulls and young heifers will continue to be fed a 100% perennial forage (grass) diet.